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Vertigo Score Runner-Up Spot at Grimmialp

Francesc Moret riding his prototype Vertigo Combat rounded out the 2015 European Trial Championship with a third place at the final round of the series held at Grimmialp, Switzerland to become vice champion in the overall standings. Moret went into the last counting event tied at the head of the points table thanks to his victory in Belgium just last weekend, but was unable to repeat his triumph and had to concede the title to his Italian rival Gian Luca Tournour who took the victory at the final round.

Francesco Moret gewinnt Euro Runde in Belgien

Francesco Moret gewinnt Euro Runde in Belgien

British Trials champion - James Dabill

It was back to winning ways for defending British Trials champion, James Dabill – Vertigo as he put yesterday’s defeat by visiting Spaniard Jorge Casales – Beta behind him and returned to the top step of the podium at round eight of the RT Keedwell ACU British Trials Championship at the Bob MacGregor Trials Academy in Ayrshire, Scotland. Casales, unable to repeat his performance of the previous day, took second place with Ross Danby – JTG completing the podium line-up.

VERTIGO USA FIM World round report

Round seven of the 2015 FIM Trial World Championship took place at Stepping Stone Ranch, Rhode Island and saw the prototype Vertigo Combat make its American debut in the hands of factory rider James Dabill who placed seventh and eighth over this weekend’s GP thanks to the kind support of recently appointed North American distributor, Lewisport USA.

This marked a popular return for the series to the USA with the last US Trial Grand Prix having taken place back in 2013 This weekend's event attracted one of the biggest crowds of the current season as the typically loud America fans expressed their appreciation of the top riders skill with some huge cheers throughout the two days of competition.

Day 2 ends with James Dabill in eighth place at US Trial GP

Day 2 ends with James Dabill in eighth place at US Trial GP


The Boss

Great weekend as the Boss aka Manel has been riding our latest spec bike in the Andorra 2 day trial

Francesc Moret wins Euro round in Italy

Another victory for VertigoTrial as Francesc Moret wins Euro round in Italy


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